​​​​Collect precise GNSS data
Take photographs
Make phone calls*
Send emails
Download and install 3rd party apps, even in the field
Smarter data collection

Better GNSS capability than standard smartphones
Provides up to 2-5 meter positioning accuracy in real-time
Supports GPS (plus GLONASS or Beidou) constellations as well as SBAS capabilities to leverage improved real-time accuracy
Google Mobile Services certified

Android OS 5.1 "Lollipop"
Download and install apps from the Google Play Store
Run customized apps unique to your organization
Ultra-reliable and efficient in the field

IP-67 environmental rating protects the device from dust and moisture ingress as well as shock, drop and vibration – without the need for an additional protective case
Large, bright 5.3 inch display readable even in direct sunlight and through polarized sunglasses
User-replaceable batteries in standard (3100mAh) and enhanced (4800mAh) capacity let you work a full workday, even with heavy use
High-resolution camera takes vivid geo-referenced photos

Trimble TDC 100

Yesterday your phone could tell you where you were within a few meters. Today, with Trimble Catalyst, your phone can tell you where you are within just a few centimeters.

Catalyst features a powerful antenna that plugs directly into your Android phone or tablet's USB port. Once it's linked to cloud services from the Trimble Connect platform, you can sync and share your position and the things you map.

And, since Catalyst's revolutionary technology features a software GNSS receiver, instead of a chip, you only use it when you need it.  The Catalyst can produce 1 meter, 50cm, 10cm or 1cm depending on the real time service you subscribe to. 

So get ready to get insanely close to your world. Whenever, wherever, you want to.

Trimble TDC150

  • Professional solution for GIS applications ranging from submeter to centimeter accuracies
  • Easily collect data by pairing with devices such as smartphones, tablets or Trimble handhelds
  • Fast to setup, easy-to-use, keeping you productive and focused on your work
  • Supports multiple satellite constellations and correction sources for accurate data at any location
  • Trimble Maxwell 6 chip with 220 channels and leading GNSS technology maximizes data quality
  • Announced September 14, 2015

As Trimble Navigation releases new mapping and GIS products, they will be highlighted here.

The Trimble TDC150 is an Android-based GNSS receiver available in four different accuracy configurations: 1 meter, 50cm, 10cm and 1cm.  When used with Trimble TerraFlex App, the external camera acts as an optical plummet letting the user know when they are directly over the point.  ArcGIS Collector is also supported along with a variety of third-party Apps.  

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