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 Here are some links to various VRS (Virtual Reference Stations). Some of them charge a seasonal or annual fee to obtain access, others are free of charge.  For an explanation of what VRS networks are, click here.

Many states are now offering statewide or regional GNSS real time networks that allow the user to receive real time corrections to their survey or mapping rover.  There are several requirements that must be met in order to receive these corrections:

  1. ​You must use field data collection software that supports these corrections
  2. You must use a high-quality GNSS (or GPS) receiver that support these corrections
  3. You must have access to the server by obtaining login and password information from the site manager
  4. You must have an Internet connection while in the field via Wi-Fi, cell tower

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  1.  ORGN (Oregon Real Time Network) - consists of approximately 85 stations, some of which are multi-constellation receivers.  It is managed by ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation) in Salem, OR.  They are working on upgrading all stations to GNSS (multi-constellation).  Here's a link to their website listing the current GNSS stations in the network.  The cost of this service is currently free.  To obtain your login and password, click here for contacts.
  2. WSRN (Washington State Realtime Network) -  consists of approximately 105 stations, all of which are multi-constellation.  This is a mature system that provides excellent coverage throughout the entire state of Washington.  The cost of this service is $1900 per year, per receiver.  There are discounts for multiple receiver subscriptions.  They offer a 90-day free subscription before you must formally subscribe.  Click here for contact information.   
  3. Utah TURN GPS - The entire state is covered by GNSS base stations.  The subscription fee is $600 per year per person.  Here's a link to the coverage map.  Contact information to subscribe can be found on the home page.  
  4. Trimble VRS Now - Trimble Navigation has offered the VRS Now service for years.  Recently they have activate a network in the state of Oregon along part of the I-5 highway corridor.  The prices range from $350 to $3300 per year depending on the type of receiver you have and the accuracy of the corrections you wish to receiver.  Click here for the coverage map
  5. Ohio ODOT VRS RTK Network - The state of Ohio offers full coverage throughout the state.  It appears to be free of charge. Click here for contact information to obtain access.  Click here for the coverage map. 
  6. ​CRTN (California Real Time Network) - This network provides one free login and password to an organization to receive real time corrections via RTCM 3.0. It's very important to note, that this network DOES NOT OFFER A VRS NETWORK SOLUTION, but a single base solution only.  For this reason it's very important that you are conscious of the distance between the base station you choose and your rover.